Pathfinder 2E Heads To Tian Xia – New Adventures, Lineages & Extra

Pathfinder 2E Heads To Tian Xia - New Adventures, Lineages & More

Pathfinder 2E is heading to the far shores of Tian Xia in 2024. Impressed by Asian tradition and fantasy, the brand new guide brings with it an important journey.

Pathfinder 2E will quickly go to all kinds of countries and cultures dwelling in Tian Xia. Within the Inland Sea area, Tian Xia is thought for shards of lore that got here to Avistan principally by merchants and immigrants. However the newly introduced guide will take adventurers there to try the entire image.

From the previous days of elemental hegemonies and yaoguai wars to the trendy age marked by the return of Sorcerer Hao Jin, the Ruby Phoenix. Tian Xia is stuffed with legends and lore. And what we’re seeing is not only a new world information, it is a complete season of journey.

Pathfinder Goes To Tian Xia in a Huge Manner

Paizo introduced the brand new guide final week. subsequent to you Misplaced Omens Tian Xia World Information, there can be an entire new means of journey and much more. All of it begins later this 12 months Season of Ghosts Journey Path. The brand new Journey Path can be out in October and can be a horror-themed marketing campaign set within the haunted land of Shenmen.

The small city of Willowshow celebrates the Season of Ghosts, an area pageant to appease ghosts and spirits and guarantee security for the approaching 12 months. Naturally, one thing goes improper and the PCs are drawn to a city after an sinister curse:

The heroes should assist the folks of Willowshore put together for winter as they attempt to uncover the reason for the curse that lower them off from the remainder of the world. Is it the work of a demon? The machinations of vengeful spirits? Or one thing a lot, a lot worse?

Season of Ghosts will take your PCs from degree 1 to degree 12 within the following volumes!

    • The Summer time That By no means Occurred, by You HHS
    • Let the Leaf Fall by Joan Hong with extra articles by Tan Shao Han and Grady Wang
    • With No Breath to Cry, by Dan Cascone and Eleanor Ferron, extra articles by Jeremy Blum, Dana Ebert, Joshua Kim, and Michelle Y. Kim
    • To Bloom Under the Net, by Liane Merciel, extra articles by Jeremy Blum, Joshua Kim and Michelle Y. Kim

Misplaced Omens Tian Xia World Information

Later, in 2024, Misplaced Omens World Information for the area. This units the stage for “trendy” Tian Xia within the Pathfinder calculation:

In an age dominated by heroes unbridled by prophecy, change is sweeping the continent. A few of you could have helped Ameiko Kaijitsu dethrone the Jade Regent and ascend to the Minkai throne; now witness the brand new Ondori period beneath his rule. Step into the land of Bachuan, as a Po Li oracle persuaded him to ease his restrictions and open its borders; Hao Jin’s tapestry folks now reside right here, descendants of a previous that was as soon as regarded as fully misplaced. Amanandar, now a nation of Tian heritage in addition to Taldan, proclaimed independence with Queen Eutropia’s blessings and altered its identify to Linvarre; Guests from Avistan can benefit from the Grogrisant lion dances or be taught just a few phrases from the nationwide language of Taltien. Journey by the perilous Valashmai Forest and discover your means by the thriving Valash Raj among the many ruins torn aside by big beasts and monsters. World Information will information you thru these nations and extra earlier than handing GMs an animal guide that includes the continent’s beasts, from the wild, four-horned aoyin to the aristocratic eater yeongno.

Misplaced Omens Tian Xia Character Information

Lastly, there may be the character information, which could have all the brand new participant choices. Six lineages included. Three of them we noticed:

  • the Samsars – Individuals who have reincarnated many instances and may summon reminiscences of their previous selves to raised their talent checks.
  • Wayangs – The wayang, a diasporic folks from the Shadow Airplane crusing the oceans and forests of Tian Xia, use their shadows by dance.
  • Tanuki – Enjoyable-loving tanuki are shapeshifters that may take the form of objects, folks, and extra for play, enjoyable and extra.

Apart from these, there are new backgrounds for constructing your computer systems. There are new character choices for character archetypes in addition to new legacies corresponding to Peachchild leshi and bakuwa lizardfolk.

Paizo actually networked this land and its folks with this one, together with creating an important group to struggle in chilly blood.

Lastly, Pazio would not have put these books collectively with no nice group of writers! Misplaced Omens Tian Xia books are delivered to you by Eren Ahn, Jeremy Blum, Alyx Bui, James Case, Banana Chan, Connie Chang, Rick Chia, Hiromi Cota, Hans Chun, Theta Chun, Dana Ebert, Basheer Ghouse, John Godek III. , Joan Hong, Sen HHS, Michelle Jones, Joshua Kim, Daniel Kwan, Sprint Kwiatkowski, Jacky Leung, Jesse J. Leung, Monte Lin, Jessie “Aki” Lo, Adam Ma, Liane Merciel, Ashley Moni, Kevin Thien Vu Lengthy Nguyen , Collette Quach, Andrew Quon, Kyra Arsenault Rivera, Christopher Rondeau, Joaquin Kyle “Makapatag” Saavedra, Shahreena Shahrani, Kienna Shaw, Philip Shen, Tan Shao Han, Mari Tokuda, Ruvaid Virk, Viditya Voleti, Grady Wang, Emma Yasui and Jay zhang.

Joyful adventures!


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