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TRUE POINT AUDIO - DC Motor Control - Anyone Tried One?

【78RPM】The product is with 25 mm mounting holes, and the revolving speed is 78RPM. 【DC 12V】DC9-12V 3-speed turntable motor 33/45, high quality and

Vbestlife Turntable Motor, Turntable Motor with 3 Speed DC 12V Record Recorder, with 25 mm mounting Hole for Most 3 Speed Turntables

CHANCS DC Turntable Motor, Synchronous Geared Motor TYC-50 12V DC 15/18RPM 4W Low Speed CW/CCW Direction for Hand-Made, School Project, Model or Guide Motor

CW means clockwise and CCW means counterclockwise. The diameters of the copper sleeves are different. When the speed of the motor is the same, the

EG530SD-3F DC5-12V 3-Speed 33/45/78 RPM Metal Turntables Motor for Record Player for Record Player

Genuine Premotec DC Motor 24v 9904 120 18215 for Turntable

Shelf 13 Box X. Combined Orders.

Premotec 9904 120 52605 12v DC 2505

Record Player and Turntable Motors for sale

Record Player and Turntable Motors for sale

TRUE POINT AUDIO - DC Motor Control - Anyone Tried One?

9904 111 31813 - Allied Motion Premotec - Motor, Reversible, Synchronous

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Motor DC RS PRO, 12 V dc, 36,88 W, 4289 rpm, par máx. 82,08 gcm, Ø de eje 6.35mm

DOIT 33GB-520 DC Motor 12V/350rpm High Speed Metal Gear Motor All 12V Motors for RC Smart Robot Tank Car Chassis Toys DIY - AliExpress

12V) Motor para ensamble - 12 RPM y alto torque.

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