Which stocks should I buy in 2017?

It’s time to get a little bit more sophisticated with the stock investing plan, says Murtaza Hassan.

Here are some of the most important things you should know to buy stocks in the year ahead.

Investing in stocks is easy and easy to do, says Hassan.

It’s not difficult at all to buy or sell shares, as long as you understand the fundamentals and have a sound portfolio.

If you’re looking for the perfect stock to buy, Hassan says, the easiest way to get started is to look for a company that is well-known.

He says that for a stock to be considered good, there needs to be something that the public knows about it, that’s not too obscure or something that is already in the public domain.

For example, Hassan points out that if a company is not widely known, it might not be a good option for investors.

So he recommends buying a stock that is known.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you buy a stock you don’t believe in, you can often sell it later if things change.

The market will not go into a tailspin, and you can sell it at a low price, he says.

You might also want to look at buying a small number of shares at a time rather than one stock at a big time.

The stock market is still a risky investment, but Hassan says that investors can get a better idea of what the market is really doing by taking a close look at the companies that are doing well and those that are struggling.

“The best way to keep track of how the market does is to just read the press releases and watch the stock price in the newspapers,” he says, adding that you can also take a look at stock price indices like S&P 500.

You can also look at market data, such as the S&p 500 Index, which tracks the prices of a number of large-cap stocks.

A lot of times, stock prices go down during a recession.

That’s why you should pay more attention to the news, Hassan adds.

For example, during the Great Recession, when stock prices went down, many investors saw their portfolio value go down.

“You can’t just go buy and hold stock and expect it to grow,” he adds.

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