Why are banks holding back on lending?

As banks struggle to come to terms with the fallout of the global financial crisis, they are also struggling to make payments.

In the United States alone, nearly $1 trillion has been wiped out.

The banking sector is in the midst of a financial panic, with banks scrambling to make the most of a weaker economy, according to Goldman Sachs.

It expects to write off about $1.3 trillion in the next few months, as it continues to seek to restructure its $14 trillion exposure.

While the U.S. economy is still weak and banks are struggling to get their finances back on track, the global banking sector could be on the cusp of a recovery, as well.

With the end of the year approaching, banks around the world are starting to plan for a recovery in their balance sheets.

That includes the United Kingdom, which has the world’s largest banking system, the UK Financial Conduct Authority, said in a recent report.

It predicts a global economy of $1tn by 2020, with a “fiscal cliff” looming in the spring.

“If we want to see a full recovery, it’s going to have to come from a global banking system,” said Chris Davies, chief economist at the Berenberg Bank.

A stronger economy could make banks more comfortable with lending.

They’ll be more able to pay out in the event of a default, and can cut the number of days they hold insured deposits, which could boost confidence.

But there is also a risk of a further downturn in the U, where banks are still struggling to return to profitability.

For now, the banks have taken a cautious approach.

The Bank of England has taken a series of actions, including extending lending rates, and freezing the value of deposits.

Banks are also tightening lending standards.

Even so, the outlook for the financial system remains uncertain.

And while the economy is improving, some experts warn that a prolonged period of stagnation could lead to another recession.

One key factor for a stronger recovery, they say, is the fact that there are more financial assets than there are people.

As a result, the size of banks’ portfolios will also increase. 

For now that has not been the case in the United.

To date, banks have held roughly $3 trillion of their deposits in cash.

By 2020, they expect to have a total of $9.8 trillion of cash on hand, the Bank of France said.

This is more than enough to provide banks with cash for all their bills, which is necessary to make loans, it added.

Meanwhile, in the euro area, there is a shortage of safe assets.

There are about 1.4 trillion euros ($1.8trn) in cash in the European Central Bank’s own account, the European Commission said, while Germany has about 765 billion euros of cash in its bank reserves.

Some of this is being held in euros.

In Europe, banks are not yet printing money.

In fact, the bank reserves are currently at a record low, the ECB said.

The bank reserves could also be used to meet demand for euros, and to buy back shares, the Commission said.

That means that if demand is high enough, banks could sell a greater share of their liabilities in the future, to make up for their own shortfalls.

So far, banks haven’t done that, said Andrea Hirschfeld, a strategist at Morgan Stanley.

What’s more, the U is not a particularly healthy environment for banks.

Banks in Germany, France and the U., have seen their balance sheet shrink.

There are also concerns that the European Union is taking a hard line on the financial crisis and will take a more lenient stance on banks.

That could hurt banks in the region, and in the longer term could put pressure on them in the rest of Europe, which have seen a lot of money leaving the region as well as a lot less money coming in, according, Marko Pibera, head of credit at Deutsche Bank.

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