Lincoln invests $1.5M in New York City startup

Lincoln Investments is a New York-based fund manager and private equity firm, which focuses on building the best investing portfolio.

Lincoln is a subsidiary of New York–based Lincoln Investment Partners, a private equity investment fund, which invests in tech companies, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Airbnb.

In 2016, Lincoln invested $1,000,000 in a company called the “Bamboo Team” to build a product to monitor water quality around the city. 

The startup launched last year and has since expanded to cover more than 40 cities, including Boston, Chicago, Seattle, and New York.

The company was recently valued at $1 billion, according to PitchBook. 

Lincoln also recently invested in an insurance company called Baskerville Insured, which is looking to build an online platform that will help homeowners avoid being charged higher rates. 

While the company has been a small startup, Lincoln’s investments in tech are big. 

“In the last two years, we’ve been able to buy $100 million worth of technology, including our own cloud-based cloud platform and our own mobile app, all for less than 10 cents per share,” Lincoln CEO Mike Schiller told Engadge in a phone interview.

“We’ve gotten $150 million worth, so we’re really focused on that.”

The startup has raised over $1 million from investors, including Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel. 

In the past, Lincoln has invested in other tech companies such as the Vox, and has been in the process of buying more companies, Schiller said.

“We’ve had a lot of companies come through and we’ve done some big deals,” he said.

“But there’s been so much other stuff going on, we kind of just couldn’t make those deals work.”

Lincoln, like other large tech companies in Silicon Valley, have invested in the growing ecosystem of cloud computing, which has allowed them to scale their businesses in real time.

The technology allows companies to access information from multiple locations at once, and makes it possible for them to share information across multiple devices. 

According to a 2016 report from the Pew Research Center, 60 percent of the internet traffic in the US is now stored on cloud-enabled devices.

This has helped drive the growth of the tech industry in the past few years. 

 “I think this is the real thing for tech companies,” Schiller continued.

“They’re starting to do real, sustainable deals with these big companies that have been around for a long time.” 

 Lithuanian investment firm Iliad Capital has also invested in Lincoln, but Schiller and other Lincoln executives have not commented on the investment. 

As part of its new investment, Lincoln also purchased the company’s $1 and $2 billion in stock from a previous investor. 

Schiller said the company will continue to pursue new opportunities to grow its portfolio, and said he plans to take a more hands-on approach to his business. 

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