10,000 new companies are launching in India every month

A little more than a year after launching its mobile app and launching a series of investments in China, China-based tech company Putnam is making its mark in India.

The company has announced that it has raised $10 million in its Series A round led by Google Ventures and New Ventures, and that the round will give it access to over $150 million in funding.

Putnam’s India-based venture arm, called Airtel India, is focused on growing its mobile and internet businesses.

“We have the opportunity to bring a fresh and innovative approach to our mobile and IoT business.

As a platform for our customers, we are bringing them our expertise in building, running, and servicing the best-in-class cloud infrastructure solutions,” Putnam’s chief executive officer, Nitesh Shah, told Quartz.

The new investments are a direct result of Putnam, which Shah said he has built up over the past few years, and its acquisition of Airtels India, a company he founded.

The acquisition, which puts Putnam in a position to partner with Airtles and Airtle customers, was announced in March 2017.

Shah said the acquisition will bring the company’s business to an even wider range of customers.

“Our goal is to grow and develop into an ecosystem that enables customers across India to connect to the cloud and to transact with each other across the country,” Shah said.

The $10-million investment is the latest in a string of investments from Putnam.

In August, the company announced that its new $50 million accelerator, BITS, had received a $15 million investment from Google Ventures, while in September, the New Ventures-backed company, Digital Angels, also announced an investment of $20 million in Putnam from Google.

“When we began our investment process in August, we knew that our future success depended on the success of our core business and our investments in emerging markets,” Shah told Quartz in a statement.

“Digital Angels is an extremely talented team and we’re very excited to be working with them on building the next generation of cloud infrastructure for the Indian market,” Shah added.

The startup, which currently has 10 employees, is working on two projects, both of which are focused on building an online banking platform for India.

It will also build a cloud platform for the banking sector, which it says will provide the ability to handle trillions of transactions.

The two projects are aimed at creating an online platform for small and medium-sized businesses to access the services of financial institutions, said Shah, who is also chief executive of the global cloud infrastructure provider, Digital Angel.

The latter project is also aimed at helping businesses in developing countries access cloud services.

The funding from Putnikam comes as the startup is targeting a global rollout of its cloud infrastructure.

“We are targeting the global marketplace and this will mean a lot to us, not only for the investment but also for the next five years,” Shah noted.

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