The ‘dinosaur’ in the Canadian oil sands

An oil sands company has quietly filed a $30-million lawsuit against the Alberta government, saying the province’s oil sands policy is “dangerously damaging” to the province and its workers.

In a statement to CBC News, Plains Exploration and Production Inc. said it’s “very concerned” that the government is “moving away from the science that is being provided to Alberta’s environment and workers” and is “failing to act to protect Albertans from the harm of fossil fuel development.”

“Alberta is the largest oil producer in the world, and it is the sole province in Canada that has implemented a policy that will result in catastrophic damage to the environment and to the livelihoods of its citizens,” the company said in the statement.

The lawsuit was filed in Alberta’s Supreme Court in November.

Plains says the policy has already harmed Alberta’s oil and gas industry and its “people.”

“The Alberta government’s continued delay and obfuscation of this policy, coupled with its lack of transparency and accountability, are a serious violation of its own obligations under the [Canadian Environmental Assessment Act],” the company wrote.

Plains Exploration & Production Ltd.

says it’s the second time the province has filed a lawsuit over the proposed oil sands pipeline.

Earlier this month, Alberta’s legislature passed a law that allows it to sue governments for environmental damage in cases of a “serious and imminent danger.”

The lawsuit also says the Alberta policy will “destroy the lives of tens of thousands of Alberta families.”

“Our government’s failure to act, and the continued delay, have created a situation that is extremely dangerous to Alberta and to Albertans,” the lawsuit said.

Plains is seeking damages in excess of $30 million, arguing that the oil sands proposal “is harmful to the public interest and has been so for many years.”

It also wants to force the province to put a stop to the pipeline.

“The oil sands project will have devastating environmental impacts on the environment, and will devastate the lives and livelihoods and economic stability of Albertans.

The impact on the public health, safety and welfare of Albertan Albertans will be catastrophic,” the statement said.

The province is seeking a declaration that the pipeline would be harmful to Albertan and Indigenous people and that it’s not in the public’s interest to approve the project.

Plains also says that it wants to “reopen the process of reviewing and evaluating the environmental impacts of the oil and natural gas development in the province.”

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