How to buy a farm investment

A farmer’s investment is about a thousand times more risky than a house or a condo, according to a new report.

This article was produced by AP’s Business Section, which covers business, finance, energy and environmental news.

The report, which is based on data from the Federal Reserve, found that the average investment in a farm was only worth $11,500 in 2012, a loss of $18,000 per year.

The average for a single-family home was $89,000, and for a condo the average was $99,500.

In addition, the average yield per acre on a single farm was just $2,400.

The risk of a farmer losing money on a farm is higher than in other sectors.

In 2012, the annual loss from a farm fell to $8.2 billion, down from $8 billion in 2005, according the report.

That was due to the low dollar and the collapse in oil prices.

But the risk of losing money is not just limited to the farmer.

The risk is also passed on to the community as well.

The study found that if the average farmer loses $10,000 to $20,000 in his investment, that money could have been used to pay for services or to build the infrastructure of the community.

The same goes for a farmer who loses $20 to $100,000.

For the average house, a farmer could be losing between $10 million and $40 million annually.

For a condo or home, a losing farmer could lose between $200,000 and $1 million annually, according a report from the Institute of Home Builders, a nonprofit that advocates for the interests of homeowners.

The risks are compounded by the fact that farmers have been investing their money for decades, with the result that they have more debt than most homeowners.

According to the report, the debt of the average farm is $24,000 compared to a mortgage of $100.

The average farm loan is about 2.5 times larger than the average mortgage.

The report found that in 2012 the average farmland value of a farm stood at $13.3 billion, or about $13,000 for every farmer.

The farm value is often higher than what the average home has value.

According a report by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, the median house is worth $300,000 while the median farm farm is worth only $3,000 a year.

According to the Federal Home Loan Bank, the amount of outstanding farm loans is about $14.4 trillion, or $12.5 trillion in 2012 dollars.

But if a farmer loses money on his farm, it could be a problem for the community, the report said.

“As farm assets fall, the value of community assets and local revenue are eroded,” it said.

“As a result, the loss of farmland in a community, such as a village, city or county, could be costly and lead to local revenue declines.”

If a farmer has more debt on his property than the value on his land, he could be forced to sell his farm or take a loss on the property.

If that happens, the farmer could also lose money on the land.

“If a farm property falls into foreclosure, there is a greater risk of loss of revenue from that property,” the report stated.

In addition to the risk, there are other issues that could impact a farmer’s financial well-being.

Farmers who do not pay the rent or other expenses on their land could also suffer.

The loss of income could have an adverse effect on the farmer’s ability to pay the mortgage.

If the farmer does not pay rent, the landlord could also try to sell the property and make a profit.

The lack of a market could also have an impact on the farmers, according an article in the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

Farmers with less land than average could be affected by the foreclosure crisis, the paper stated.

The median farm size is 3,300 acres, but about 3.4 percent of the state’s farms are over that size.

The rate of foreclosure in Iowa has been on the rise for years, according and the farm sector has been experiencing more losses than expected.

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